Home Automation

Making Your House a Smart Home

Convenience. Security. Cost-savings. These are just a few of the things you can expect with EHome Design services from Magenium. Whether it’s something as simple as being able to control your lights from your iPhone to monitoring the security of your house from your Android tablet, we have you covered.

What’s possible now?

There are so many products available for smart homes these days that it gets hard to keep track. EHome Design services focuses on the things that will save you time, make you safer, and save you money like:

  • Lights that turn off when you leave the room

  • Notifications when someone is at your door

  • Changing the temperature from anywhere

  • Televisions that respond to your voice and put your show on

  • Garage doors that open with your phone

How To Get Started

Contact us we will set up a complimentary assessment of your current living space, and develop a plan with you to enhance various aspects of it with new smart home technology.

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