Digital Signage

Digital Signage Powered By The Cloud: Driving Conversions And the Customer Experience

The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text – and it takes just 13 milliseconds to see an image. If you own, manage, or market your business, digital signage is the key to capturing the human interest and increasing sales.

Companies across the world are employing digital signage and dynamic display content in their offices, stores, and branch locations – and encountering challenges. How do we update dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of locations at the same time? How do we track our campaigns? How much expensive architecture will we need to manage the service?

DXNotifi is the answer.

Next Level Digital Marketing for Your Business

DXNotifi leverages the power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud to create, manage, and display digital content across multiple devices and locations. No expensive or time-consuming on-premise server infrastructure is required -- cloud-based DNA makes it robust, scalable, and user-friendly. Plus, it’s easy to update your electronic signage from anywhere using its built-in content management -- even from a phone or tablet.

Dynamic Digital Displays for Your Home

DXNotifi is robust and scalable, but also simple to implement. While it’s perfectly in tune with enterprise environments, what about exploring possibilities for digital signs in your own living room or kitchen as a part of your home automation plan?

Imagine creating a digital billboard with tonight’s drink and dinner menu for your guests, or possibly a list of chores or tasks for the family to complete on the weekend? That’s what we call a smart home! DXNotifi also offers an emergency warning system that can be displayed on monitors to allow your family to quickly respond to events in your local area and keep them safe.

Features of the DXNotifi Digital Signage Solution

  • Powered by Windows 10 and Microsoft Azure

  • Update Easily From Anywhere

  • No Server Infrastructure Required

  • Amazon Echo Integration + Environmental Sound Masking

  • Open API, Real Time Data Analytics, and QR Code Embedding

  • Geofencing Capability

  • Secured Wired and Wireless Connections over HTTPS

Getting Started with DXNotifi

Contact us and our technicians will set up a complimentary assessment of your digital signage needs -- for business or home -- and help you develop a plan to bring it to life.

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