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Envisioning Workshop

This is how we get started with every project. Our team of experts will meet with you and walk through an intensive question-and-answer session to work out the details of what you expect out of your home theater. This includes a discussion of what equipment is currently available and what is possible in the space you are working with.

Design, Installation, and Support Services

After the Envisioning Workshop, we hit the drawing board to create a beautiful system that is as reliable as it is powerful. A plan is developed and we send a team of professionals to your home for a timely installation of the system designed specifically for your needs.

Once the installation is complete, your family is trained up on how to utilize the various functionalities built into your home theater, and provide ongoing support for when technologies change in the future.

Parental Control

Most services you subscribe to these days include parental controls as a feature – however, they are often buried and make the system too restrictive for the adults to use on their own. Our team of experts will work with you to restrict certain content from younger eyes while providing an easy override for when those eyes aren’t in the room.

How To Get Started

Contact us we will set up a complimentary assessment of your current living space, and develop a plan with you for a dream home theater.

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